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September 25, 2019

Dear Parents, Teachers, Building Occupants, and Employees,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back this school year and provide you with an update on several exciting improvement projects that were completed over the summer months.

Building 4 had a new HVAC system installed in The French School cafeteria as well as the installation of new energy efficient windows on the 1st floor. The first phase of the windows were replaced during the summer. The remaining 1st floor windows are scheduled to be replaced the week of October 14, during the fall break.

Additionally, the campus has undergone many site improvement projects, such as new parking lots, landscaping, lighting, and signage. Although the overall circulation pattern of the campus has remained consistent, there were minor adjustments to each schools’ specific drop-off and pick-up locations. At the beginning of the school year each school issued instructions outlining the details unique to their community as well as a memo that we issued that provided some general guidelines for the drop-off and pick-ups. Please see below some general guidelines that were included in our previous memo. These guidelines are meant to provide general policies and guidance for the pick-up and drop-off locations that pertain to all campus occupants. When not in an active drop-off or pick-up please refer to all campus directional signage.

  1. All drop-off and pick-up lines should remain to the far right to allow for traffic to pass through on the left.

  2. Drop-off and pick-up lines should maintain a courtesy gap at all intersections to allow for bypassing traffic. Please do not block any of the intersections while queued up.

  3. Follow all regulatory signs on the campus (i.e. stop signs, one way traffic signs)

  4. Please drive with caution and maintain a safe speed while on the campus, especially when passing by other schools’ queues.

  5. Please refrain from arriving more than ten minutes early to your school’s drop-off and pick-up location so as to avoid congestion on the campus.

  6. While in queue, please remain with your vehicle at all times.

  7. If for any reason your queue should reach a street intersection or backup into another queue, please bypass on the left and circle around or enter from another campus entrance.

Thank you for your patience these past few weeks while everyone gets used to the new routine. I am very impressed with how quickly each school has incorporated these new procedures. We are only a few weeks into the school year and the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up has improved greatly. I want to commend each school for making adjustments to their overall practices and timing of the pick-ups which has had very positive results.

SJS and our team of professionals will continue to monitor the traffic flow and will make adjustments if required. Any required changes in the campus circulation including drop-off and pick-up instructions and locations will be coordinated with each school and their respective community. If you should have any questions you may contact your school or myself for further assistance or clarification.

Thank you,

Adam Pate

Campus Director of Operations

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